Fiamma F45s Awning
Fiamma F45s Awning
Fiamma F45s Awning
Fiamma F45s Awning
Fiamma F45s Awning
Fiamma F45s Awning
Fiamma F45s Awning
Fiamma F45s Awning
Fiamma F45s Awning
Fiamma F45s Awning

Fiamma F45s Awning

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Fiamma F45s Awning

The Fiamma F45s awning is a high-quality wind-out awning. Providing shade from the sun, whether parked at a campsite or in the wilderness. An ideal Campervan Awning to add to the liveable area of your VW Transporter.

The Fiamma F45s Awning looks great on any VW Transporter Campervan. The colour options are Black/Grey and Titanium/Grey. There are two width options suitable for the VW Transporter. The Fiamma F45s 260 for short-wheelbase VW Transporters. And the Fiamma F45s 300 for long-wheelbase VW Transporters.

The Fiamma Awning is easy to wind out and put away. It can be fitted to a Camper Van with a pop-top roof and/or multi-rail. We can help you figure out what kit you need for your van; contact our team. 

One of the best features of the Fiamma F45s awning is its compact size when closed. When open, the awning provides generous shade and shelter, perfect for outdoor cooking and relaxing.

If you're looking for a high-quality, reliable awning for your VW Transporter Campervan, the Fiamma F45s awning is a perfect choice. Whether on a long road trip or just enjoying a weekend getaway, this awning will provide you with the shelter and shade you need.

Our team is happy to answer any questions about our selection of Fiamma Wind Out Awnings for sale from Play Dirty.

Benefits of the Fiamma F45s Wind Out Awning

  • Available in two widths:
    - Short wheelbase VW Transporter: 2.6 meters (Fiamma F45s 260)
    - Long wheelbase VW Transporter: 3 meters (Fiamma F45s 300)
  • Available in 2 colours:
    - Black/Grey
    - Titanium/Grey
  • Easy to wind out and put away
  • Looks great on your campervan
  • Fits the VW T5, VW T6 and VW T6.1
  • Can be fitted to a Campervan with a pop-top roof
  • It can be fitted to a multi-rail
  • We offer guidance on what kit you need

What fitting brackets do I need for my awning?

Various VW Transporter models have different channels running on the van's roof. You need different brackets depending on if you have a VW California or a standard VW Transporter.

Fiamma provides different brackets for different types of vehicles and situations. 

If you already have an awning rail (Vamoose or Reimo) on your vehicle, you can purchase brackets to attach to your multi-rail. If you want to secure the Fiamma awning to an awning rail (Vamoose or Reimo), you need a different bracket. 

Fiamma F45s Vamoose Awning Rail Bracket

You don't need to purchase an awning rail as well as the Fiamma awning. If you want to attach a drive-away tent awning (Vango etc.), you must buy an attachment for your Fiamma awning.

We offer the following bracket options suitable for your VW T5, T6 and T6.1.

  • VW California (including C rail in the channel)
  • Standard Transporter (with or without pop top) 
  • Reimo awning rail
  • Vamoose awning rail

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