Vamoose Awning Rail Renault Trafic
Vamoose Awning Rail Renault Trafic
Vamoose Awning Rail Renault Trafic
Vamoose Awning Rail Renault Trafic
Vamoose Awning Rail Renault Trafic

Vamoose Awning Rail Renault Trafic

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Vamoose Renault Trafic Awning Rail

The Vamoose Awning Rail is the ideal setup for your campervan or van awning. It's made from flexible aluminium with a subtle profile.

This black awning rail fits your Renault Trafic, without changing the profile of your van.

    • Vamoose awning multi rail; perfect for your drive-away awning
    • Will fit Renault Trafic
    • Made from flexible aluminium
    • Subtle profile on your van
    • Works with your pop-top roof
    • Acts as gutter rail - Stops rain dripping in your van

Vamoose Multi Rail allows you to connect awnings or accessories. It works with a range of awnings, including the Fiamma F45s and F35 awnings. As well as all drive-away awnings, such as the Vango Inflatable Awnings.

The Vamoose Awning Rail will act as a gutter rail. This stops rain from dripping into your van—a great perk for models like the Renault Trafic. The cab can get wet when it's raining.

Installation of the Vamoose Awning Rail is easy. Included are full fitting instructions as well as screws, front and rear LH end caps, and 3M adhesive tack. Play Dirty can provide fitting assistance over the phone.

Awning Rail Fitting

Don't fancy fitting the Vamoose Awning Rail yourself? We offer fitting from our workshop in Alcester. We can fit other brands of awning rails like the Reimo multi-rail. Get in touch for more information.

What van does the Vamoose Awning Rail fit?

Suitable for the Fiamma F45 & F35 awnings and all drive-away awnings (such as the Vango inflatable awning collection). It sits very subtly on the side of your van, meaning you don't need to worry about changing the profile of your vehicle.

This awning rail can be purchased for the following vehicles:

      • Renault Trafic Awning Rail
      • Short wheel base
      • Long Wheel Base 
      • Both Sides


Pre-2014 SWB: 2.050m rail (with 2 small caps) 
Pre 2014 LWB: 2.450m rail (with 2 small caps) 

2014 - 2019 SWB: 2.150m rail (with 2 small caps) 
2014 - 2019 LWB: 2.550m rail (with 2 small caps) 

What's Included

      • Front and rear LH end caps
      • Full fitting instructions
      • Screws
      • 3M adhesive tack (for ease of positioning)
      • Play Dirty can provide fitting assistance over the phone
      • Play Dirty can offer fitting from our Alcester HQ

Installation Instructions

Our Recommendation

We use the Vamoose Awning Rail on our campervan. It's great for adding extra space on longer trips. It also stops water from pouring into the van when it rains!
Katie @ Play Dirty
Campervan Awning Rail Vamoose

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