VW Crafter Side Flares
VW Crafter Side Flares
VW Crafter Side Flares
VW Crafter Side Flares

VW Crafter Side Flares

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VW Crafter Side Flares

The VW Crafter Side Flares by Wildworx are an innovative way to maximise the available space in your VW Crafter or Man TGE MWB/LWB van. Made from lightweight fibreglass and sold in pairs, these flares are approximately 6 feet 2 inches across when fitted, adding up to 2.5 inches of extra width to each side of your van. These VW Crafter Sleep Pods are a great addition to your van conversion layout. 

This extra space allows for more flexibility in the layout of your living area and can even accommodate a full-length bed, seating for four, a cooking area, and a bathroom.

These side flares can also change the layout of your van, making it more versatile and comfortable. They are relatively simple to install using a polyurethane adhesive, and Play Dirty also offers a fitting service upon request. You'll get a one-year manufacturer warranty, and we'll have these side flares made in just 4 weeks. Order online and receive free UK delivery.

  • Maximise space in your van
  • Lightweight fibreglass material
  • Adds up to 5 inches of extra width to your van
  • More flexibility in the layout of your living area
  • Versatile and comfortable layout options
  • Installation with polyurethane adhesive
  • Fitting service available upon request
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Production timeline of four weeks

VW Crafter Side Flares Specification

MATERIAL: Fibreglass
FINISH: Black gel coat; will require light prep & paint.
WHAT'S INCLUDED: 2 Flares and approved adhesive
WARRANTY: 1-year manufacturer warranty
PRODUCTION TIMELINE: 4 x week production
DELIVERY TIMELINE: 3 - 5 working days
COLOUR CODING: +£450 (pair)

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